In WTF News: Miami Man Posing as Adele’s Manager Get Busted over Kendrick Lamar Tickets

Life comes at you fast.

Unless your coin is unlimited and money is no object, no one really enjoys paying for anything. In fact, most people would live out the rest of their days “free of charge,” finessing their way past the checkout. A Miami man took this M.O. a little bit too far. For the past year, Justin Jackson has been posing as Adele’s manager and recently got caught up trying to score tickets to the Kendrick Lamar show this past week at the Rolling Loud Festival. Silly move, sis.

Unfortunately, this isn’t his first go-around, he was once convicted posing as Madonna’s manager when trying to steal $2.4 million worth of jewels. For this act, he and his wife Angel Lii were arrested. But when you living life on the edge, ain’t no jail cell finna hold you back.

Jackson came back like he never left the managing to get tickets from Rihanna, Drake, Usher, Pharrell, and Katy Perry, posing as Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickins. “Mr. Dickins has finally breathed a sign of relief and hopes this fraud against him will stop once and for all,” shared  Brian Bieber, Dickins’s attorney.

After receiving messages from celebrities’ managers about comped tickets, Dickens reached out to Miami-Dade police over a year ago to report Jackson. “The defendants did consistently leave a blueprint of their fraud for the detectives to find. Essentially, we have a pair of dumb criminals,” concluded Bieber.
The Bonnie & Clyde wannabes have arrested again over the weekend in a sting operation. As per the arrest report, Steven Kaufman of Miami-Dade’s cyber crimes unit posed as a production manager and caught the silly pair when they showed up to collect the tickets. Promptly arrested, they were charged with grand theft and identity theft.

Stay in school, kids. Stay. in. school.