“Wind It Up” With Quavo on KeKe Palmer’s Latest Track, “Wind It Up”

Following recent collaborations with Travis Scott, Drake and Kap G., Quavo comes through on Keke Palmer’s, “Wind It Up.”

The boastful collab finds Keke making moves and calling shots, reminding listener’s that she’s been in the game and boss moves ain’t new to her.

“I don’t pull up, Uber came to get me/ Flash bulbs everywhere, paparazzi sic me/ I guess I owe everythin’ home to my viddy/ Pardon me if my eyes kinda low, I can’t see ya/ So tell ’em stop bitching, and motherfucker listen/ Since 9 years old, I been in the kitchen/ Family gotta eat (eat), that mean I gotta get that cake/ And I ain’t sittin’ down for no nigga, feel me,” she raps.

Keke further promotes her “bad girl” image on this latest track, but I guess in falls right in line with the new brand she’s been working to establish (Do we believe her is the question?). Quavo on the other hand, is in his element, following up with two braggadocios verses about his new girl and the swag she’ll never get enough of.

“Then she say I can’t handle it (huh)/ Took her to the room and mounted it (smash)/ She havin’ relationship goals (huh)/ Money and fame, I balanced it (woah)/ We livin’ in mansions and palaces (uh)/ She love my trap analysis (ayy),” he raps.

If you follow the actor/ songstress, occasionally she shares a few “dance” videos and decided to do the same with her track. Check that out above and the song below.