DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” Gets Thumbs Up From Carlos Santana

Wild Thoughts
Photo Credit: "Wild Thoughts"

“Wild Thoughts” IS the song of the summer. Do not debate this.

But seriously, the throwback summer vibe qualifies as a smash hit and the originator of track agrees.

Similar to his famed phrase “We The Best,” DJ Khaled further secured his spot on the top after dropping the summer ready track off of his upcoming Grateful album, which samples Carlos Santana’s 1999 “Maria, Maria.”

Carlos shared a statement with Billboard praising Khaled’s latest as a “timeless summer vibe” akin to its predecessor.

There is a reason that the infectious groove/theme that Wyclef [Jean] and I created on ‘Maria Maria’ still resonates today,” Santana shared in a statement. “It speaks to the heart. DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson take that vibe and bring it to a new dimension with ‘Wild Thoughts,’ but the groove and essence of the song is still intact.”

“‘Maria Maria’ was and will always be that feel-good summer song that speaks to women, and ‘Wild Thoughts’ is an extension of that summer song vibe that is timeless,” Santana continued. “I am honored that DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson felt the intense intentionality of ‘Maria Maria’ and have shared this summer vibe with the world.”

Wild thoughts will appear on Grateful dropping June 23 and features writing credits from PARTYNEXTDOOR.