TGT Chats With JET About New Album

What happens when three of R&B’s most loved crooners team up to dominate the music game? TGT. Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese have been in the studio for almost a year cooking up their debut album “Three Kings.” With a release date set for Aug. 20, the men hit the road to give fans a glimpse of what’s to come.

On their stop in Chicago, they chatted with JET and EBONY to dish on their latest project, failed name titles for the album and even that questionable morning show performance.

JET: How did you all come together to form a group?

TANK: We’ve worked together. Done a lot of shows together. Done a lot music together. The group part of it is just us happening to get together and having fun doing something positive for the genre of music we believe in. We’re just here to fill in the spaces of things that are needed. Getting back to love, getting back to taking care of our women and getting back to conviction.

TYRESE:  I was the best man at Ginuwine’s wedding. Our kids all know each other…I think what we want people to know is that if you do anything or decide to do anything and it’s built from a foundation of friendship, when the conflicts, issues, legalities, misunderstandings, when your ego gets bruised, whatever the case may be, that’s my boy. Those are my boys, and we rocking.

JET: Each of you have had successful solo careers thus far. What’s it been like working in a group together?

TYRESE: We don’t get nothing done, because it’s too many jokes. It’s too much.

GINUWINE: It really wouldn’t take us but an hour maybe to do the song and ends up taking us about three days.

TANK: You got to keep the jokes. It’s not work for us. Some parts of it is. You know you have to do the meetings, but what we do is easy to me. It’s more of a calling, and we’ve understood our calling for quite some time. So this is just the next level to what that is.

JET: What can fans expect from the album?

TYRESE: This album is specifically for the grown and sexy. It’s that feeling of being in church when the pastor says something powerful and everybody is like “oh that’s a word!” It’s that feeling. When this album comes out, women are going to feel like “oh, it’s finally here!” Every 10 years, women will have that moment of that album that represents all aspects of who they are and their exact struggles, challenges, relationships and understanding. You know music is therapy. What we’re saying in some of these songs can make women say, “man, we never thought of that.”

JET: How did the “3 Kings” title come about?

TANK: We were going through a bunch of different titles. We were frustrated. We were just trying to figure it out. We were hating on each other’s titles. Tyrese had a title. He was like “TGT Inferno,” and he had like fire signs around it, emoji fire signs.

TYRESE: It was called Ignited.

TANK: OK, worse!…I was like “you know what? We’re bosses.” The thing that we’ve come together to do, it’s difficult to do. Tyrese does a bunch of stuff. I do a couple of things. G does a couple of things. So I was like we should just be the three kings, and we put this kingdom together.


JET: Rumors started to fly after you all performed the single “I Need” on WLNY’s morning show “The Couch” from last week. What really happened?

GINUWINE: That day for me, I left D.C. at like 3 o’clock [a.m.] and I hadn’t gotten any sleep. Once I got there, I was dead tired, so I had one of those 5-hour energy shots–the extra-strength one. He [Tank] asked me while I was drinking it “have you ever taken a 5-hour energy before?” Never.When I took it, I was feeling alright. Then when I got out there, it was like something happened. I started getting a tingling sensation. I’m not doing that again, so that was really it … If you can’t laugh at yourself, you might as well get out of this business. We’ve been in this business a while. We’re pretty seasoned in this business, so we know how to roll with the punches.

JET: What can fans expect from the tour?

TYRESE: We’re on stage for two hours with a live band, and it goes down.

TANK: Fans enjoy it because it’s a combination. I mean, this is an event that hasn’t happened since LSG [Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat and Johnny Gill], and when LSG had it, I remember it as a fan trying to figure out what that was. That was the craziest thing I’d seen. For three powerhouses to come together like that and crush the stage, it was crazy . We’re giving our fans, even our peers for that matter, that same experience many years later. When we come out on the stage, it’s pandemonium.

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