SquidNice Unleashes ‘The Craccen’ Mixtape [STREAM]

Photo Credit: Gianny Matias

If you were looking for one last offering to help you “keep it lit” (Diplo voice) before we run down the clock on summer, you’re in for a pleasant surprise courtesy of SquidNice. The young Staten Island native who made waves with his single “Trap By My Lonely” has finally served up his long-awaited mixtape, The Craccen.

Featuring hypnotic bangers like “EVERYWHERE I GO” and “Money Call,” the Squid surfs across a range of smooth soundscapes on The Craccen with a youthful aura and charismatic delivery on every track. The healthy combination of braggadocios, unfiltered rhymes and slappin’ beats are complimented by SquidNice’s knack for well-crafted melodies.

Dive overboard to unleash The Craccen and hear why the youngin’ SquidNice is making noise everywhere he goes.


1. “Trap By My Lonely” (prod. by Lil Xane)
2. “Money Call” (prod. by A Lau & Tony Seltzer)
3. “Hop Out” (prod. by A Lau)
4. “In Tune” (prod. by A Lau & Tony Seltzer)
5. “The Island” Feat. Lite Fortunato (prod. by ARTA)
6. “Traphouse” (prod. by Juice Sensei)
7. “My Side” (prod. by A Lau)
8. “Ain’t No Problem” Feat. Chvse (prod. by A Lau)
9. “Off White” Feat. Swook, Morbucks, & Guccifurr (prod. by A Lau, Tony Seltzer & Beestaxx)
10. “EVERYWHERE I GO” (prod. by Juice Sensei)
11. “Craccen”