Somethings Don’t Change: TLC Shares Empowering Track for the Ladies “Haters”

Hater’s gonna hate.

A popular Kanye West lyric comes to mind when I think of this piece: “Hater nigg*s marry hater b*tches and have hater kids.” The truth remains self evident in this fact, and surely, haters will forever hate.

TLC is gearing up for their last rodeo, but before they take their final bow, they’re releasing their final self-titled album on June 30. After sharing the Snoop Dog-assisted track, “Way Back,” the two remaining members of TLC return with “Haters.” Staying true to their brand, the empowering single finds T-Boz and Chilli brushing the proverbial dirt off their shoulders, ignoring the haters and owning self love and self confidence.

Haters gonna hate/ People gonna say what they say/ But we don’t care about that anyway/ Don’t you ever change/ People gonna say what they say/ But we don’t care about that anyway,” the duo sing.

“If you’re lookin’ good/ Then you must be dumb/ If you ain’t got money/ Then you’re not someone/ Either you’re too young to matter/ Or you’re way too old (too old)/ Public opinion is so hot and cold” they continue.

The upcoming album which was funded through a Kickstarter campaign will feature 12 tracks with titles such as “Perfect Girls,” “American Gold,” and “Aye Muthafucka.” Check out the tracklisting and stream “Haters” below.


1. “No Introduction”
2. “Way Back” feat. Snoop Dogg
3. “It’s Sunny”
4. “Haters”
5. “Perfect Girls”
6. “Interlude”
7. “Start a Fire”
8. “American Gold”
9. “Scandalous”
10. “Aye Muthafucka”
11. “Joy Ride”
12. “Way Back” [Extended Version] feat. Snoop Dogg