Someone Created a Mariah Carey & Bruno Mars Mashup and It Is Magical

Hump Day for the win.

Amidst the viral challenges and hilarious memes, Twitter continues to be a source of undeniable talent and impeccable finds. Many times, it is where “the culture” comes to live and flourish through it’s accessibility and reach.

Well, yesterday was no different. During a midnight scroll through the Twitterverse, I came across this incredible mashup of Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” over Bruno Mar’s “That’s What I Like” and IT. IS. INSANE. So perfect in all its feel good vibes and funky rhythms, Twitter users had no choice but to agree.

We are not sure who made the original video but Twitter user J-sun surely delighted us with his find as listeners were desperate to find a version of the track to add to their playlist!

Soon enough, a Chris Brown and Usher “New Flame” mashup made it’s way into the madness. Created by Twitter user The Letter C, the short bit is equally as amazing.

Start your hump day off right with the feel good vibes above.