Watch Russ Wax Poetic on His Tour Bus in “MVP” [VIDEO]

Watch Russ "MVP" Video
Photo Credit: Columbia Records

NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant won’t be gracing The White House with his presence anytime soon, but one of hip-hop’s most valuable freshman (list or no list) is gracing his fans with a new visual today. Russ lets the cameras aboard the tour bus to give us a video for his debut album’s closing cut, “MVP.”

Much like the aforementioned KD, Russ is finally living his best professional life after a decade of putting in work. His newfound success brings with it a multitude of pros and cons that he doesn’t shy away from rapping about on “MVP.” In addition to kicking some raw rhymes, the multi-talented rapper has made it this far by being a one-man music factory who writes, produces, engineers, mixes and masters all of his music. So it’s only right that he gives us a snapshot of his life on road in his latest visual directed by frequent collaborator Edgar Esteves. Came a long way from 100 views.

Russ’ debut album There Is Really A Wolf is out now via Columbia Records. Album out now via iTunes.