Girl, Bye! Shadiest Beyonce Rumors

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From secret siblings to running the world, JET rounds up of some of the most memorable rumors about Beyonce.

Queen of The Illuminati

Who runs the world? Well, according to many people it’s Beyonce. Rumor has it that she — and husband Jay Z — is a member of the Illuminati, a secret society of high-powered world influencers.

Kelly is Her Half-Sister

The superstar’s close-knit relationship with bandmate Kelly Rowland had many folks question whether the girls’ shared burning desire to be famous was due to them sharing the same gene pool. It has been rumored that Mathew Knowles is actually Kelly Rowland’s father, too! All parties involved have denied those accusations. Additionally, Kelly has spoken candidly about her biological father, Christopher Lovett, and how they are repairing their relationship.

Daddy Dearest

Though the Kelly Rowland rumors were false, Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, did have a secret child. In 2011, Papa Knowles was accused of fathering a child with Alexsandra Wright. He was proven to be the pops and ordered to pay child support.

She’s Having a Baby— or Not

After a wardrobe malfunction during an international interview, rumors questioning whether Beyonce was actually pregnant surfaced. The star was accused of donning a fake belly and paying a surrogate $4 million to carry her baby.

She’s Pregnant Again…and Again

Most recently tabloids have speculated that Mrs. Carter is in the family way, again— and this time with twins. But the accusation is no surprise. The media is always on pregnancy watch for the superstar.