Remy Ma Offers One Female Rapper Her ‘Co-Sign’

Remy Ma Offers One Female Rapper Her 'Co-Sign'
(Photo credit: YouTube/Genius)

Remy Ma has made it clear that she’s a big fan, supporter and advocate of female emcees. She recently appeared on Genius’ YouTube series The Cosign, where she rated bars from several emerging rappers.

Opening up about the struggle women rappers experience, she said, “When people are asked to name their top five or top 10 [favorite rappers], I can count the times on my hand that a male included a female in their top five. As women, we’re always having our gender placed before our profession … . It’s a battle. You have to fight for your respect.”

Despite the setbacks, the veteran lyricist does acknowledge the strides made in the music industry. “Everyone has their own little lane that they’re in. The Rapsodys and the Dreezys and the Kash Dolls and the Megan Thee Stallions and the City Girls, and it was a time when that wasn’t accepted. People felt like if you were a female you had to be one specific way. It took people like me to step out of the box like, ‘Hey, you can be how you want to be.'”

After tuning in to music videos and freestyles from rising rappers Mulatto, Tierra Whack, Kash Doll, Tay Money, CUPcaKKe and That Girl Lay Lay, she explained which lucky lady would receive her co-sign and why.

Find out which rapper she selected in the video below.