Rapper Troy Ave Made $26K On His Python Dad Hats

And the story behind his trip to the tailor on Christmas. 

Rapper Troy Ave has re-surfaced making his debut interview on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club radio show after being on lockdown since the infamous shooting at Irving Plaza in New Jersey. During the very controversial interview where he proclaims himself to be the second Tupac ( he actually wears a bulletproof vest to the interview), the rapper explains how there are so many haters after him. After the interview, #blacktwitter took to the internet to recap how Troy Ave is out of his mind, but we think he is more of one of those mad business people.

During the interview, Troy Ave boasts about the number of employees he has on payroll even when he was in jail, he had residual income. If you’re not a fan of Troy Ave, you don’t have to be to realize that the hustle is real.

On his 13 minute long song, Amazing Grace off the album Dope Boy Troy, the rapper recounts the time he went to the tailor in Brooklyn to drop off money to the tailors in efforts to speed up the order of his highly popular tour mech hats “Bake & Water Whip Weight Again” on Christmas. They are like the “make america great again” but in Troy Ave’s opinion are “more expensive, more fashionable and more meaningful.”  His girl was riding shotgun in his $160K red Maserati, when he turned down a shady block in Brooklyn and was gunned down by a shooter.

“More Expensive, More Fashionable, More Meaningful. I Kinda Of Played Off Reaganomics.”

He was shot in his back which chipped his spinal cord and to this day has effected his speech and overall livelihood. Aside from the incredible story of resilience after complete and utter tragedy, Troy Ave’s $136 hats has garnered over $20,000 in revenue. Listen to the song for the rest of the story of how he gets gun down and runs to the hospital super bloody and all with his girlfriend, the hats are currently sold out and  on pre-order.

Regardless of the highly controversial typography, the distressed hat is handmade consisting of a red python brim with Troy Ave’s signature written under the brim. As tour merch, they are genius and go with his whole “I’m a gansta” brand, but in essence, they are really a fashion statement.

What do you think about Troy Ave’s  dad hat?