QUIÑ and Syd Tha Kid Get Caught Up in a “Sticky Situation” [VIDEO]


QUIÑ appeared on the scene last night year with her debut EP GALACTICA and has since created a jazz, electro and R&B fusion that finds listeners in a dreamy intergalactic experience of their own.

The fanciful singer returns with her most hard-hitting song yet, “Sticky Situation,” which also features The Internet’s Syd Tha Kid. Produced by Kry$shun, the track is a slow burn and speaks to the perplexities of dating: “Stuck up in a sticky situation/ A really iffy situation/ Can’t you tell, caramel, you’re losing your flavor/ And sugar honey, I ain’t got the patience,” they sing collectively.

The accompanying video premiered on The FADER and highlights a desert romance. QUIÑ shared her inspiration for the track via email. “I got together with Syd at her crib and we kicked it, played some beats, and this ended up being the mood,” she explained. “So, you know a sticky situation when you taste one. A bitter sweet now and later type of love. It’s a flavor, it can be yummy, but it won’t last long… like bubble gum lol.”

Check it out above and drop your thoughts below.