Quavo is Getting to the Dough in His Latest “Paper Ova Here”

Money Making Quavo definitely got the juice.

It’s a great time to be Quavo and he knows it. I’m beginning to lose count because at this point, he’s got something new to share on a weekly basis. His newest endeavor is a OG Parker production entitled “Paper Ova Here.” The catchy tune sees one third of Migos advertising his money-making skills and getting to that dough.

“All this money coming in my way/ F*ck what a hater even got to say (F*ck ’em)/ Me, myself, and I cruise down the highway/ Pull up to the bank I walk right out with a 100K (Cash)/ New money, blue hundreds, no I ain’t running from it (New money)/ Got foreign currency from doing shows across the country, ” he raps.

Currently featured on the NO. 1 song in the country “I’m the One,” which also features Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne, Quavo is a man of his words. Additionally, he recently teamed up with Keke Palmer on “Wind Up,” Machine Gun Kelly on “Trap Paris,” and Mary J. Blige on “Glow Up.”

He hasn’t left his fam behind though, Migos is stacking up as well. Four of their songs including, “Bad and Boujee” “T-Shirt” (No. 25), Calvin Harris’ “Slide” and Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” are all charting on the Hot 100.

Quavo you mind dropping 10k in my account? I wanna see something.

Tune into “Paper Ova Here” below and tell us what you think.