Princess Nokia Sparks a Positive Chain of Self-Awareness

Destiny Nicole Frasquer better known as Princess Nokia is similar to a tweet 2 Chainz recently shared, “N*ggas like me fall out the sky, you just don’t bump into me.” The NYC native “knows herself” and arrives as one of a kind in this pool of commonly unaware souls.

Formerly known by her stage names “Wavy Spice” or “Destiny” the independent rapper made her debut last year with 1992, housing the standout single “Tomboy,” which further highlights her unique, refreshing and free-spirited outlook on hip hopHer music generally centers around the intersection of gender, race, class, urbanism, and age.

The rapper recently spoke at Brown University for Women’s History Series 2017 and one particular sound bite found its way across the innernetz.

Sharing her thoughts on spiritual solitude, she reigns in on the importance of reclusiveness and its direct connection to evolving into the person you were meant to be. She goes on to explain that during your season of growth, you will lose people in the process.

Self-actualization is a process in itself and is often times, bittersweet. But don’t fight it! As they say (the good guys), trust it. Check out the clip above and tune into the full video here.