What Do the Perfect Prom and Lil Yachty Have in Common? [VIDEO]

lil yachty

Join Lil Yachty on his perfect prom night.

I remember my prom, well barely. I left my contacts at home in a rush and spent most of the night squinting while occasionally peeking through my spectacles (four eyes would clash with my outfit). All in all, it was a good night and pretty ideal for my adolescent self. Can’t go wrong with doing hoodrat things with your friends, right?

Produced by Beats by Dre, Lil Yachty shares some inside deets on his hypothetical night as a H.S. senior. For one, a turtleneck is a must with a pink sports car sporting yellow seats to match. Not unlike many other teens his age, his date would be an Instagram model (want more for yourself, Yachty) and he wouldn’t mind ending the night off with some pizza. Oh, and absolutely no dancing, this is a flicks only party. “No one would be dancing at my prom,” says the King of Teens. “Everyone would just be standing in the corners and take pictures.”

Check out the video for Lil Yachty’s dream prom above and head to Apple Music to check out his debut album, Teenage Emotions.  Yachty’s “Teenage Tour” is set to kick off in August and run through out October 20th. Click here for more info.