Offset Just Made Our “Monday” With New Solo Single

No more case of the Monday’s.

Offset, along with his Migos counterparts, have been making noise with flaming verses and guest features. Today, he releases a song of his own. Celebrating the start of the week, one-third of the hip hop trio drops an ode to nice cars, living large and boss moves. Flourishing in his element, you can hear Offset spit a few rhymes with his signature flow over the OG Parker and Deko-produced trap beat.

“I ain’t playing no more/ You know what I’m saying?/ Different mindset, you know what I mean?/ OG Parker Different motivations, you know what I’m saying?/ I’m tryna get more money, you know what I mean?/ Deko/ You know what I’m saying?/ I’m not satisfied, you know what I mean?/ I want everything, I want it all,” he proclaims before the beat drops.

Offset tells no lies here and his word may just be bond. Currently, coming off of Migos’ platinum selling album Culture and a few lit Coachella sets, the Atlanta rapper is at the top of his game. He’s also released a few solo tracks with Cardi B (Lick) and “Guwop” with Young Thug.

“I got money across the country/ Fucking on a thot every Monday/ Drop my top, let the roof loose/ Look at these diamonds, Fruit Loops/ Ride like the president, bulletproof/ Shoot it all you want, you won’t get it through.”

Listen in to “Monday” below.