Nicki Minaj Peeped the “Regret In Your Tears”

Nicki follows up with a another visual but opted out of being Ms. Shady Boots this time around.

Recently dropping the clip for “Regret in your Tears,” via TIDAL yesterday morning (May 1), she described the song as her “favorite of all time.”

Shot by photographer duo Mert and Marcus (Mert Alaş and Marcus Piggott), who are most notable for their fashion ventures, also directed the music video for Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” back in 2012.

In Nicki’s bit, the Queens rapper is in an oasis of sorts, surrounded by trees and clinging tightly to her partner floating on a bed. Soon submerging into the water, Nicki sings of her lover’s post-break up regret before he is taken over by the deep blue and tears fall down his face.

“Blown away by their work. Honored. The stars aligned. Only video they shot was for MADONNA,” Minaj shared via Twitter when a fan asked why she decided to connect with the talented pair.

Nicki first announced the video premiere on Saturday via her fav, social media. She loves to keep the barbz and other fans on their toes, while possibly getting some new TIDAL subscriptions.

Sonically different, visually different,” she tweeted of the”No Frauds” follow up “Regret in Your Tears.”