Missy Elliott Taps Lil Kim, Eve and Trina for a Dream Team Collab on “I’m Better” Remix


The force that is these four women combined cannot be over looked. But you knew that.

Insert Missy Elliott here. Then follow up with Lil Kim, Eve and Trina.

What do we have? A certified BANGER.

After the surprise release of the Lamb-assisted “I’m Better” video earlier this year, Misdemeanor returns with an all star remix for the track. This team up of powerful women isn’t new to Missy, as the track is reminiscent of her “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix) that dropped 21 years earlier.

Kim, who also assisted on the “Not Tonight’s” classic remix, starts off quite the confident and raunchy vixen. “You cannot be me, no, never / Ain’t gotta explain why I’m better / Your man is a dog, he taste my kitty, and he say my pussy is wetter.”

Trina follows suit, braggadocios in all her “Baddest Bitch” glory. “Better than them and I get wetter than them / F*ck where you’ve been / Get too much cheddar for him / I set the bar and them bitches only setting trends.”

Evey Eve ends things out on a smooth tip, vocals akin to butter while she schools us on her low key profile. “I’ve been away / I’m so anti / Winning in life by a landslide / I know you see me, you see me / Your chick wanna be me, but she could never be me.”

Missy can only be heard on the chorus but highlighted the tracks release via Twitter stating “Brought a few legends out for this one.

Turn up and jam out below.