Michael Jackson Could Have Earned $1 Billion

By//Andrea Watson

If Michael Jackson had gone on a global 37-month concert tour and performed a Las Vegas show before his death, the pop legend could have earned $1.1 billion or more, says an accounting expert.

Jackson’s mother is in court against AEG Live LLC, the concert promoter responsible for the ill-fated “This is It” tour. Katherine Jackson alleges AEG is liable for her son’s death because it did not properly investigate the doctor who is convicted of giving Jackson an anesthetic overdose.

Arthur Erk, a certified public accountant, regularly conducts royalty audits for musicians and he shared information about Jackson’s would-be profits with jurors on Monday.

There was also a chance Jackson could have earned $1.5 billion if he had raised ticket prices during the “This Is It” tour.  Erk says he used “conservative” estimates when attempting to figure out the entertainer’s earning potential had he lived longer, completed the world tour and created a Las Vegas show. Account endorsements and royalties were included in the estimates.

Erk’s testimony was to show the jury the singer’s earning potential, according to

AEG denies hiring the doctor and does not accept any responsibility in Jackson’s death at age 50 in June 2009.

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