The Meaning Behind Frank Ocean’s New Single “Biking”

Everyone please proceed to reflect on your lives. 

Frank Ocean has been dropping major hits in 2017 and it’s probably because he’s gearing up for his much anticipated performance at New York’s Outside Lands festival. Frank Ocean continues is obsession with self – control and he’s drilling it into everyone who dares to listen to his music. The song features Frank on the vocals, Jay- Z and Tyler, the Creator spitting bars. “Biking” paints a picture of “life as a cycle.”

The Meaning Of The Visuals

Tyler, the Creator has directed and produced another nostalgic video about millennials struggling to find the meaning of life. The video begins with a young dude sitting on a couch staring at a lit birthday cake with the numbers 3 – 0 and then another 0 on the side. It’s clearly a case of the twenties. Perhaps, he just turned 30? People say that your twenties fly by quickly so this may be the theme throughout this video. The dramatic acting from both characters shows the ordeals of someone who has smoked their twenties away, while the other dude in the video counts cash and parties. Clearly there is a stark difference of how people in their twenties enjoy their own secluded reality.  It is believed that this visual is to depict two different types of feelings that will happen in your twenties. Perhaps, a younger Jay- Z is the guy counting money in the video, while there is always another person wondering what the heck did they do in their life thus far?  Peep his airbrushed tee, an official hood homage when someone passes away.

What The Lyrics Mean

Jay-Z  raps about the physical makeup of a bike and how it relates to life. It wouldn’t be a Jay-Z verse without a reference to jewelry. When he raps, “life goes around and comes back,” that is an idiom which is synonymous to how short everyone’s life really is when age runs its course. So why not indulge in “icicles”  or expensive jewelry if life is short and is going to end anyway?

Jay Z passes off the beat to Frank Ocean who comes in singing breathy lyrics about maintaining relationships and why he hasn’t asked for helped. “When was last time I asked for help that I couldn’t get from nobody?”  Never. Because he doesn’t  break. Hence, he doesn’t get weak in the knees and biking requires a lot of leg and knee strength.

OMG!  Then he references his experience with the first wedding he’s ever been to in his twenties. He’s at that age where everyone around him is starting to get married.  This is a true reflection of Frank’s lyricism and ability to touch the youth.

We’re in our feelings for the rest of the song.

Does this mean we’re getting another FRANK OCEAN album?