Marsha Ambrosius Talks “Friends and Lovers Tour”

Marsha Ambrosius embraces a sensuality that is to be admired and revered. Since choosing the solo route back in 2007, the songbird has managed to effortlessly attract fans with each strum of her vocal chords over topics of raw romance.

Currently embarking on The Friends and Lovers tour, the England-native has consistently sold out every show. Fourteen years after Floetry, it’s clear Ambrosius is not looking back and doesn’t plan on it anytime soon.

“Reunions are for 60-year-olds,” she tells before her Chicago show last month. “It sounds like something you do when it’s way late in life or on a cruise. It’s fairly early to have those talks. Floetry is 14 years ago. It’s still very early in the game with many individual goals to achieve to even consider that.”

Dropping her last album, Late Nights and Early Mornings, in 2011, Ambrosius is taking her time delivering new music. Instead of unexpectedly releasing a new album, the 36-year-old said she wants to become reaccoustumed with her fans.

“My initial plan was to do a tour surrounding the release of the album so I can give it to my fans first,” she said. “I didn’t just want to throw out a random album and have it on the shelves waiting. I know I have faithful fans, but I wanted it to be an experience so when you see it live, you feel like you belong to the music.”

Though Ambrosius is taking her time, she’s not wasting any either. In addition to The Friends and Lovers tour, she’s been surprising the industry with leaked tracks from her upcoming album, Friends & Lovers, including the recently released “Run,” and the well-received Sade cover of “Stronger Than Pride.”

Saluting DJ Premiere, Ambrosius continues to effortlessly combine hip-hop and soul music into her evolving repertoire. She said the Jeru the Damaja sample and the Sade lyrics married each other, making the song an instant favorite of hers.

“It’s my favorite track of all time by DJ Premiere,” she said. “He’s one of the most prolific producers of our time. People might think he’s slept on, but he’s a great. I know he’s one of the greatest people I’ve worked with in my career. That’s my favorite beat. It happened all at once.”

While Ambrosius will continue to release singles from Friends & Lovers, she will also explore the themes behind her recently released EP titled F**k and Love. The singer says she plans on releasing music videos for each song from the EP.

“We’ll start with ’69’ [laughs] and it goes from there,” Ambrosius said of the upcoming videos. “[F**k & Love] are the two things I love to do the most, whether it’s ‘f**k it,’ or ‘f**king,’ or whether it’s ‘love,’ or ‘loving.’ I wrote a couple of songs that were befitting of the moment and I didn’t want my fans to wait on how I felt.”

The Friends & Lovers tour is scheduled to end May 10 in Las Vegas, NV. While a release date for Friends & Lovers is unknown due to legal matters and the clearance of samples, Ambrosius said she’s enjoying every passing day. She’s not concerned where she ends up, as long as her fans can find her.

“[My music] is me,” she said. “It’s honesty. Wherever you want to find me, on the shelves, whether it’s soul, or jazz, cool! I don’t care, as long as you can find me.”