Maliibu Miitch Is Next Up and “4AM” Proves It [Video]

Maliibu Miitch
Photo Credit: Vimeo

I peeped Maliibu Miitch during my periodic Twitter scroll a while back and her “Crush On You Cover” was an eargasm I didn’t know I needed; shorty got the rhythm and vibes mainstream hip-hop craves. It’s something about a slick mouth, put you in your place, take no sh*t female MC that’s not only charming but necessary.

And there’s more where that came from.

Miitch’s TOP 5 EP is a five-part narrative paying homage to the first ladies of hip-hop. Previously releasing videos for “Gotta Get You Home” and “Doo Wop,” dedicated to Foxy Brown and Lauryn Hill, it’s worth mentioning that her premise lies not only in reviving the 90’s vibe; but emphasizing the shift in a male dominated industry they created, and the way of life they inspired.

“I wanted to honor and pay homage to the women from the 90’s golden era. The women who came before me sparked a renaissance with music that felt good, without the spotlight constantly focusing on gender” she shared in an interview with Bossip. There was just more fun to be had in the 1990s. I guess that’s why it’s so popular right now. I want people from all walks of the earth to feel me, old and young. You know this generation is lacking soul, love and most importantly respect! Rapping about finessing the plug is cool and all but in my day [laughs] you finessed the plug, he’d finesse your whole life, if you know what I mean. Music these days only shows the cause never the effect! 90’s music showed you a way of life, through culture, by sharing the negative and positive.

The Bronx native returns with a one-off visual untied to her previous project entitled”4AM.”  Spotlighting the subway as her queendom, the slick mouth raspy spitter mobs out in the wee hours with her girls intent on dominating the rap game while putting on for her city–complete with the henny bottles to match. Because, you know, hennything is possible in the city that never sleeps. Tune into the video above and check out her EP, TOP 5 here.