Love And Other Drugs: Future drops Risky Black-and-White Video for “My Collection”

The Content King has returned after some down time with his new music video for “My Collection.”

Produced by Metro Boomin and the first track off of Future’s HNDRXX, the second album he released this year, “My Collection” comes as a humble brag. He sheds light on rumors, vices and wrong doings from past lovers, but ultimately, Father Future gets the last laugh.

“She told me she was an angel/She fucked two rappers and three singers/She got a few athletes on speed dial/I’m tryna get the case dismissed before I see trial/And these codeine habits ain’t got nothing to do with my lil’ child/No this codeine ain’t got nothing to do with my lil’ child/I used to sell dope at my grandma’s house as a rude child/All these cameras on, fucking with my mood, wild/And these chains clinking back and forth, they too loud/They know damn well this wasn’t promised/I know damn well this must be karma/Left every pair of Margielas at the condo/Technically I never packed up and leave/Left 80 racks in the dresser, you can keep/And I got this bad ting at disposal/I cooked it up and then I went global,” Future raps.

Directed by Nick Walker, the black-and-white visual is simple in its imagery. Accentuated by Future’s emotional confession, Walker panders the viewers with beatific glows, peacocks and yes, several topless women. The models acts as an extension of the Atlanta rapper, growing in number behind him as he recites the personal lyrics, and following him after his exit.

Future has no shame in baring his pain, which apparently serves as his special sauce and claim to fame. Recently, the hitmaker made history by becoming the first artist to debut two new albums at No. 1 on the Top 200 chart back-to-back. Additionally, “Mask Off” serves as the highest charting song of his career, which then inspired the viral mask off challenge.

“My Collection” follow last’s month’s visual to “Use Me” and is the second HNDRXX video Future has released. Exclusively available through Apple Music, check it out here.