Lil Yachty is For the People & His Debut ‘Teenage Emotions’ is Too

The future is yachty.

Much like Kountry Wanye, I am by no means a Yachty fan but I can’t help but to turn up when moved. And Lil Boat gets the function’s lit.

When that new music starts to grow on you!

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Though forgoing the Yachty stanship and using the term “future” loosely, it’s still easy to acknowledge his forward movements, and the premises of his cover art is what we hope the future to be.

Unfortunately, there is no grey area for the Atlanta rapper. You either like him or you don’t. And even if you believe he’s the poster child for Mumble Rappers United, it’s hard to ignore his success.

The current spokesman for Sprite, Target, and Nautica, the rapper also has an album on the way entitled Teenage Emotions. Recently, he dropped the tracklist and the accompanying cover art for his debut.

Accommodating in it’s diversity, Yachty features a variety of folks in what seems to be a movie theater. Shot by Kenneth Cappello and designed by Mihailo Andic, the cover has gotten loads of praise for it’s inclusiveness. Varying in different strokes from sexuality to race, Lil Boat shared his inspiration behind it. “If you have vitiligo or if you’re gay or whatever it is, embrace yourself. Love yourself. Be happy, positive.”

Dropping May 26, check out the track list below. Also, peep him and Snoop chatting it up about his upcoming album and more.

Lil Yachty’s Teenage Dreams Tracklist
1. “Like a Star”
2. “DN Freestyle”
3. “Peek A Boo” Feat. Migos
4. “Dirty Mouth”
5. “Harley”
6. “All Around Me” Feat. YG & Kamaiyah
7. “Say My Name”
8. “All You Had to Say”
9. “Better” Feat. Stefflon Don
10. “Forever Young” Feat. Diplo
11. “Lady in Yellow”
12. “Moments in Time”
13. “Otha Shit” (Interlude)
14. “XMen” Feat. Evander Griim
15. “Bring It Back”
16. “Running With the Ghost” Feat. Grace
17. “FYI (I Know Now)”
18. “Priorities”
19. “No More”
20. “Made of Glass”
21. “Momma” (Outro) Feat. Sonyae Elise