Lil Yachty Accused of Stealing “Peek A Boo” From Memphis Rapper

Memphis rapper accuses Lil Yachty of stealing "Peak A Boo"

As if rapping about a cello without actually knowing what a cello is wasn’t enough, Lil Yachty is now catching more heat for his Migos-assisted single, “Peek A Boo.” This time, it’s not for the competency of his rhymes, but rather the originality of them.

Rapper Memphis Ash dropped a song called “Pikachu” last year which he’s now accusing Lil Yachty of jacking. Wether the accusations are true or not, the similarities between Ash’s sing and Yachty’s latest club-catered single featuring Migos are hard to ignore.

On “Pikachu” Ash rhymes Pikachu with peekaboo on the chorus of the track, spitting “Yellow like Pickachu. Peekaboo. Peekaboo. / All my girls yellow like Pikachu.” Meanwhile on “Peek A Boo” Yachty raps, “Play with that pussy like peekaboo.. Play with that money like peekaboo.” After hearing Yachty’s song, Ash felt the similarities were too close to be a coincidence. Last week, the Memphis rapper and his lawyer Ben McLane officially filed a Copyright Infringement claim which has since been followed by a cease & desist letter that was sent to Yachty.

The claim filed by Ash and his legal team states “The infringement occurs at several places within the Infringing Work – directly lifting both the Original Work’s verse and hook (masked by a lyric and tempo change) – without permission.” In addition to filing the claim, Ash is reportedly prepared to have the track removed from iTunes, Spotify and other online music retailers.

According to TMZ, the cease & desist letter gives Quality Control Music (Yachty’s label) ten days to begin paying Ash royalties. The label, however, has refused to comply.

While Lil Boat blames his A&R for letting the now infamous cello lyric make the final cut of the record, it goes without saying that the current Paper magazine cover star can only point the finger at himself if the accusations of jacking lyrics for “Peek A Boo” hold up in court.

Check out Lil Yachty breaking down the “Peek A Boo” lyrics for Genius and then compare the two songs in question after the jump to see if you think Memphis Ash has a valid case.

Photo Credit: YouTube