Lil Wayne Walks Off Stage After Fan Throws Drink

You do what you want when you poppin’.

Lil Wayne is currently on his “Kloser 2 U Tour,” but his recent stop was a bit wet, however not in the ways you’d expect. During his set in Garden City, Idaho on Sunday, the Young Money rapper cut his show short after a fan got a little too excited. The misguided concert attendee thought it appropriate to throw a drink at the rap star. Bad idea.

Although the cup semi-missed Weezy, he wasn’t with the shenanigans. “Look,” he stated. “Let me tell you something. I don’t know if you thought I was a buster, but I’m rich, so I can’t throw nothing back.”

The disclaimer came with a summoning of Weezy’s “goons” and associates to the stage. “Watch this,” he continued. “Goon squad, come here…Every goon that’s with me, come here, man…Throw that shit back at them. Throw all the shit back at these ni**as.

Soon after, Lil Tunechi ended the show and aggravatingly walked off slamming the microphone and pointing his middle finger before exiting the stage. “Show over,” he said. “Whoever the ni**a is in the building, he just ruined y’all time. Show over.”

Obviously, whatever loses that may come from his actions didn’t surmount his self respect. And like he said, he’s rich. Whats the worst that can happen?

The tour is set to continue through May 13 in Anchorage, Alaska. Check out the video below.