A Lesson in Fake News & Alternative Facts from Shad Moss aka Bow Wow

You ain’t gotta lie, Craig.

Back in the day, the question of most significance lied in whether you were #TeamLilBowow or #TeamLilRomeo. Once determined who was “cuter,” the lucky rapper of your choice was henceforth and forever more your husband for life. I was one of those kids who opted for the less popular (J Boog instead of Omarion, JC instead Justin Timberlake etc), so I generally sided with Lil Romeo. However, Bow wow usually won by a landslide. There wasn’t a little Black girl out there who didn’t Harlem shake screaming “Take You Home” at the top of their lungs.

But how those times have changed. Bow wow, now 30, sits on the precipice of “nobody checking for you, boo” and occasionally you can see him clawing at his false reality to stay relevant. Yesterday, Mr. Moss got caught up in lies and deceit, and as we know, Black Twitter has no mercy for the BS.

Bow wow posted a picture to his Instagram that showed a private jet, indicating his coin ain’t never stopped and that he was traveling to NYC for his “Growing Up Hip Hop” press run. However, it would be just his luck that a Twitter user was sitting behind the child star on a commercial flight. Sadderday.

Of course Twitter went ham, to which a new challenge was awakened, the #bowwowchallenge. Following suit with his fake news, twitter users started posting pics of their own alternative facts.

But after the dust settled, this one Twitter user said it best. We spend so much of our time comparing ourselves through the rose colored lens of social media, causing harm to our mental and emotional well being. But in reality, it’s all a facade.