Lend Your Ears and Ride in the “Backseat” with Little Simz

Little Simz's new album, Stillness In Wonderland, comes out Dec. 16.

Little Simz is a 23-year-old rapper from the U.K. with a sick flow and a super cool vibe.

Returning with her first single of the year after 2016’s Stillness in Wonderland, “Backseat” finds the rapper transparent and forthcoming about her journey in life thus far. Simz explained in a short Q&A session on Twitter that the main point behind the honest recap was “it’s ok to not to be ok.”

“All my life been a black sheep/ All my life been the black keys/ True I never really was a bad breed/ Daddy probably rather me an athlete/ Man that nigga move like a taxi/ All my life in the backseat/ Talk about life is it that sweet?All those eyes staring at me,” she raps.

Produced by Astronote, the tone is quite reflective as it adheres to Simz’s vulnerable state. Her journalistic approach to music continues to be her guiding light in connecting with fans and producing quality and sincere records.

I don’t talk or say too much + since the beginning my music has been my way of communicating with the supporters + people who really care about me+ my art. ‘BACKSEAT’ is an update for the people. It’s all in the lyrics. Thank you for listening.”

Listen to “Backseat” below.