Jesus Walks: Did Kanye West Go Too Far?

Oh boy.

Just weeks after an uneasy truce in his war of words with Jimmy Kimmel, Yeezy is at it again.

The masked marauder has shifted his attention from defending artistry and assailing classist designers to provoking religious sensibilities.

Over the weekend at a show in Seattle, Kanye West shared the stage with none other than…um…White Jesus.

Check out this story about the performance, then catch this clip.  (We swear we hear somebody yelling “too far,” but you tell us.)

Of course, he is not the first to tempt religious outrage with such imagery.  Madonna infamously lusted after Black Jesus in “Like a Prayer.”  Nicki Minaj frolicked with a pretend Pope at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

We could go even more old-school and recall the horror with which some received The Jacksons’ video “Can You Feel It,” for what was termed God-like behavior.

With that in mind, tell us your thoughts about Kanye’s little sketch.