Scandalous: Biggest R&B Shockers

Current cover star Chris Brown isn’t the only male R&B star who’s had more than his fair share of scandal. JET round-ups some the worst incidents in the lives of best entertainers.

Al Green and the Grits (1974)

The soul singer’s relationship with his girlfriend Mary Woodson really heated up when he informed her they wouldn’t be tying the knot. After the discussion, Woodson poured hot grits on him, which resulted in second degree burns on his back, stomach and arms. After this incident, Green then did a lot of soul searching and became a pastor.

Rick James and the Kidnapping (1993)

Known for wild partying and hard drug use, James served two years in jail for kidnapping, sexually assaulting and burning a woman while high on cocaine. He paid up to $2 million in a civil lawsuit to California for his crimes.

Tevin Campbell and the Raunchy Encounter (1999)

The former child star was known for his beautiful voice… until he was arrested for attempting to solicit a lewd act from an undercover officer.

R. Kelly and the Minor Offense (2002)

The Chicago-bred singer dominated headlines when a sex tape allegedly featuring him and a reportedly14-year old girl hit the streets. He was later acquitted in court.

M.J. and the Kids (2003)

The King of Pop ended up in major legal trouble after admitting that he had numerous sleepovers with children. In 2005, Jackson, who stated he never saw the sleepovers as a crime, went to trial for sexual abuse against a minor. He was found not guilty.

Ronald Isley and the Tax Man (2006)

It was hard to believe at the time, but Mr. Biggs went to jail…for tax evasion.  At 65, the iconic singer was sentenced to serve three years in federal jail for failure to pay $3.1 million in taxes.

Akon and the “Freak” Dance (2007)

Hip-hop star Akon found himself getting some unwanted attention when he freak-danced with a fan  — who happened to be 15 and also happened to be a preacher’s daughter — on stage during a concert in Trinidad. The incident lead to Akon losing some major sponsors.