Join Lil Yachty is on his ‘”X-Men” Wave

lil yachty

Yachty keeps up the momentum with his latest track. A head of his Teenage Emotions release, Lil boat comes through with “X-Men.”

Taken up in the world of mutant superheroes, the teen rapper shares his thoughts on his haters. “I like to stunt on a bitch boy / Diamonds is sick ’cause my wrist toy / Niggas be simply decoys / Test me, my niggas gon’ deploy / I’m bangin’, I’m bangin’, I’m passin’ ’em / Countin’ it, stackin’ it, flexin’ it / If she pretty, promise I’m sexin’ it / Don’t give me no gift, ain’t no checkin’ it”

Evander Griim facilitates the chorus keeping up with Yachty’s them of shinning on ’em. “Hop out, president / Rollie president / Ice out all my friends / Call us X-Men”

Yachty shares that he was really just “talking shit” on the Evander-assisted track. “He’s a good guy and I like working with genuine and good people.” Additionally, he confirmed an accompanying video is on the way. “This video is going to be crazy,” he said. “The plot, the concept I came up with is insane…My whole inspiration for this video was Kendrick’s two recent videos for ‘D.N.A.’ and ‘HUMBLE.’ They’re not like that, but how creative and dope those were, it made me [say], ‘I’ve gotta take this to the next level. I really gotta do some fire shit.”

Peep the track below and stay tuned for Teenage Emotions due out May 26.