Jaden Smith Takes a Cue from Bruce Wayne in “Batman”

Jaden Smith
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jaden Smith continues to be an anomaly that the industry not only needs but craves. In a world of similarity, he sticks out like a sore thumb. But hey, different is the new black, right?

If you can remember, Jaden attended Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding in an all-white Batman costume. Well, the 19-year-old artist decided to dust off his old threads for his latest video.

Appropriately titled “Batman,” the clips finds the teen living a double lifestyle, similar to the famed character he models after, Bruce Wayne. A wealthy mogul by day and a vigilante by night, the rapper borrows from Drake and Future’s hit song “Jumpman”: “Batman, Batman, Batman/ Joker just put me on acid/ You on the wave like a Maverick/ You need to make something happen/ Batman, Batman, Batman/ Please put me on new fashion/ I ain’t learn nothing since last year/ You got the renegade fabrics”

Directed by Moises Arias, who’s recently claimed to fame of Instagram photography followed his stint starring in Hannah Montona, check out the clip below and join Jaden as he roams around LA in his super suit.