ICYMI: Chance The Rapper and Young Thug Reunite on “Big B’s” [STREAM]

Photo Cred: Getty

Chance The Rapper surprised fans with a new song last week featuring Young Thug entitled “Big B’s,” which stands for “Big Business.”

Previously working together on “Mixtape” off of Chance’s Coloring Book, the rappers go tit for tat on their latest single, smoothly trading bars as Chance demands listeners to treat him like you know who he is.

“Handful of hundreds, real big Bentley/ Hublot, nigga get some business/ Whole lotta hoes, nigga get your women, heh/ Stuff ‘er with the pole, come and get your women nigga/ Big business, talk shit Wendy Williams, ooh/ Catch ’em at the club sipping, fuck around they missing, ” raps Young Thug.

Chance comes through with his signature flow and shows his little one some love. “Big old Bentley, bitch I mix the Henny with the Simply/ Lemonade exterior, Lorenzos under Bentleys / Put you in the friend zone if you start acting too friendly/ Bought a baby Benzo and some Kenzo just for Kensli/ Wake up real early but I eat late/ Go and hit the streets with that briefcase/ Time to shake down another cheap skate/ You could tell he’s lying, cheesecake.”

Releasing the song as a SoundCloud exclusive, the track arrived soon after news hit the internet about the platform’s possible demise. Following a chat with SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung however, Chance reassured users that SoundCloud is here to stay. Check out the new single below.