Are You “Happy” with Pharrell’s Album Cover Art?

First off, loves us some Pharrell.

We added the uber-talented producer, entertainer and cultural influencer to slot No. 1 on our list of Foxy Over 40 Black men.

But we can’t help but notice the continuing stir over his album art for GIRL.

Yes, the Interwebs are frothing about the boyish looking artist’s seeming omission of a Black woman in this imagery, though at least one of the models is of African American descent. And Pharrell knows this because he used to date her.  **crickets**

He questions whether side-eyes at his visuals are legit, given that woman’s presence.

“So is our president not Black? …. Is Lisa Bonet in or out?”

He continues:

“And I’m not mad.  I understand that plight. My dad is a dark skin guy.”  (Oh boy, that’s not a riff on “some of my best friends are Black, is it?)

Listen to Pharrell in full on the Breakfast Club interview below.

Then, you tell us.  Is this a thing or are folks going prosciutto over nothing?  Vote in our poll and leave us a comment or two.