H.E.R. Keeps the Momentum Going With “Every Kind of Way”

Photo Credit: H.E.R. Vol 2 Cover Art

H.E.R. is picking up where she left off.

After dropping the lusty “Say It Again,” the mysterious H.E.R aka (Gabi Wilson) returns with a love ballad of sorts in “Every Kind of Way.”

“Baby, the sound of you / Better than a harmony / I want you off my mind / And on me / Holding me closer than we’ve ever been before / This ain’t a dream / You’re here with me / Boy, it don’t get no better than you / For you, I wanna take my time / All night,” she sings

The song is perfect in its sensuality while her coos keep us wanting more. Earnest and vulnerable, her transparency is definitely a big factor in why listeners gravitate towards her sound.

“I wanna love you in every kind of way / I wanna please you, no matter how long it takes / If the world should end tomorrow, then we only have today / I’m gonna love you in every kind of way”

Although keeping a low profile, her music continues to speak for itself, and while her mysterious demeanor leaves much to be desired, it’s all apart of H.E.R. charm. The second installment of her EP series is set to come out June 2. Until then, tune into “Every Kind of Way” below.