Good Vibez Only in 2 Chainz New Visual for “It’s A Vibe” Feat. Trey Songz and Jhene Aiko

4/20 ready, 2 Chainz drops the video for “It’s a Vibe” off his ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’

In the spirit of “In Weed We Trust” 2 Chainz drops his vibey video on the vibest of days, 4/20. And to be honest, what’s a better vibe than blowing tree? Cannabis enthusiast and ganja lovers alike join together in peace & harmony, kicking back and blowing smoke’s O in unison. Much like the 70’s, cannabis is an engine for peace, (today at least) happiness, turn up and a powerful gift from Mother Earth herself. A vibe indeed.

2 Chainz holds true to his own vibe in this big budget clip. Trey Songz and Jhene Aiko soon follow, immersed in their own distinct ambiance.

Got a vibe, make a young chick turn her neck (alright)/Got a vibe, make a cougar wanna spend a check (check) / Got a vibe, make an Asian want hibachi (hibachi) /Got a vibe, make Italian want Versace (Versace)/ Carbon copies get declined, I’m the pioneer/ Beat that pxssy up, I need riot gear/ Any volunteers?,” 2 Chainz raps.

2 Chainz chills at a bar throwing back a few drinks with beauties by his side. Trey Songz appears in a similar fashion, laid back in luxury car. Jhene on the other hand, finds her vibe being a boss, counting stacks while simultaneously receiving foot massages from her servant.

The aesthetics are consistent through out the visual with a chill red light accompanying the laid back vibes. Check it out below.