Get Lifted with BJ The Chicago Kid and Tiara Thomas on “I Be High”

BJ The Chicago Kid's new album, In My Mind, comes out Feb. 19

Although the 4/20 holiday has passed, the remaining remnants include the ganja-inspired “I be High” by BJ The Chicago Kid and Tiara Thomas.

It’s not far fetched to combine Mary Jane with that of love making and the singing pair ain’t ashamed to admit their love of the two. Harmoniously crooning, they share on the joys of the stick-icky and and knocking the boots.

Featuring strong vocals, Tiara and BJ vibe over sweet rhythms of a funk style guitar. BJ gives the elevated state of mind the ceremonial treatment, providing a step-by-step guide with intention of maximizing your vibe.

“Backwoods and front two leaves/ That’s what I got when I roll up/ If you fuck with me, then you stuck with me/ In the cut with me and we fold up/ You know I roll up the best/ Shout out to my connect/ Now you know I smoke one the best/ You feel that shit in your chest/ Inhale, nigga, exhale, nigga/ Now baby, you claim you a freak/ Whatever’s on your mind, baby, it’s fine/ Matter fact, it’s all on me/ No hesitation when I’m faded, ooh,” BJ croons.

After dropping BJTCK: A Tribute to the Anniversary of Usher’s Confessions and The Lost Files: Cuffing Season, this is yet another great joint to add to his recent releases. Currently, the Chicago singer is adding the finishes touches to the follow up of his Grammy-nominated debut album, In My Mind. In the meantime, listen to “I Be High” below.