Exclusive: Meet DJ Ameer The Teenager DJ’ing All The Hotest Parties

DJ Ameer, the 16 year old sophomore at Columbia High School in Maplewood NJ is ready to conquer the music scene.

Showing an interest for DJ’ing at an early age. At the age of 7 years old, he had his first Numark controller and an amazing ear for music blossomed with a passion for House Music, Classic House and 80/90s music.

Ameer is currently the official DJ for Inspirational Dance Company in Maplewood NJ and is working fundraisers at Bergen County College to raise awareness for Men against Rape and Domestic Violence against Women. Big on community outreach Ameer has played in Newark’ 24 Hours of Peace and many Summer House Music festivals including Weequahic Park, Lincoln Park and the Dance and Music Festival Passing the Torch ceremony in Silver Springs Maryland.

The young DJ  can also be found on his own  House Grooves that ran for one year on and is currently a resident on the WQFS 90.9 FM Radio show , House Music Mondays in North Carolina.

Check our chat after the jump.

JET: Tell us the first album you bought and why?

DJ Ameer: Michael Jackson Thriller 25th Anniversary edition. I bought it because I love 80s music and Michael Jackson is one of my favorite artistes of all time.

JET: If you had to pick a song to best describe your personality, what would it be?

DJ Ameer: “Here” by Alessia Cara because the song is about a person feeling out of tune with the rest of the people in the area. Growing up, even though I’m stilling growing up, as a child in elementary and middle school, I felt that although I had a lot of friends I never really fit in. I wasn’t into the stuff my friends were into like Sports and I wasn’t and still am not athletic what so ever.

JET: There are so many Legendary DJ’s that have come before you who are some you admire?

DJ Ameer: Some that I admire are Alan King, Louie Vega, Beloved and Tony Humphries. I have grown up watching these people DJ and it is amazing to see these people in person and enjoying the same music and sound I am.

JET: What’s a dream event you would like to DJ at?

DJ Ameer: I would love to do the Chosen Few Picnic in Chicago, as well as I would love to play on The Ellen Show. I grew up watching these things and hoping that my music will reach and move the amount of people that these events do every year.

JET: What song do you always have in your mix no matter what?

DJ Ameer: “Love sensation” by Loletta Holloway because her voice in the acapella is so crisp and brings in a soul factor to a mix that not a lot of songs can do.

JET: Hardest part about balancing school & work?

DJ Ameer: It is very hard to balance work and school in the fact that the work that I get takes me a while to complete because I am in all honors classes. I write an essay every 3 weeks and have to record an hour mix ever 2 weeks for WQFS 90.9 FM Greensboro which I am resident Dj on. Also I DJ for about an hour every day after my homework. I would say that homework takes about 4 hours to do everyday. So my routine is usually that I get home around 4, walk the dog, go do homework, then practice DJ’ing. So from 4 to about 5 I’m walking the dog, 5 to 8 I’m doing homework and 8 to whenever I need to go to bed (around 10) I DJ. When I have shows I usually have to do my homework early which somewhat throws my schedule offtrack.

JET: What’s the most requested artist you get an event?

DJ Ameer: Kenny Bobien!!

JET: Any moment for you that you’re most proud of so far?

DJ Ameer: My proudest moment was at the Miami WMC. It made me feel rejuvenated. It let me know that all my hard work is not going to waste, and gave me a better look on music. I learned a lot and felt that I did well at the Yuca when I opened for Louie Vega, Ultra Naté, and Timmy Regisford.

JET: Who do you predict music wise will have the best summer?

DJ Ameer: I feel that Drake will have the best summer for the fact that he is making multiple types of songs, For example his song Get it together is a song that is a house song inspired and sampled from Superman from Bucie, and One Dance is sampled and inspired by a house song; “Do You Mind” by Crazy Cousinz and Kyla.

JET: What’s next for you!?

DJ Ameer: Next I see myself producing an album, and hopefully be an international DJ. Within the next 10 years I should have my PHD in epidemiology. I would love to play with and collaborate with DJs such as Tony Humphries and MAW, as well as self-produce an album with many artist of NJ such as Kenny Bobien, and Dawn Souluvn Williams