Dej Loaf is Feeling Herself on Her Latest Single “Birdcall 1.5”

“Hide your kids, hide your family”

Dej Loaf has been stepping out as of recent. Slaying with yellow wigs and an effortless glowy beat to the gawds face.

On the music front, with the exception of her joint ep Fuck A Friend Zone with Jacquees, the Detroit rapper has been keeping a low profile this year. Following her appearance on Tracy T’s “Shinin Like My Rollie” & Tish Hyman’s “What It Feel Like,” she returns to with “Birdcall 1.5,” a sequel to “Birdcall” from 2014’s Sell Sole project.

The Detroit rapper is quite boastful over the Hona Costello-produced beat. She covers everything from being hard (“I’m the hardest in this shit, I’m just being honest”) to stacking paper, getting fly and only chilling with a couple real ones. She even sends a warning (“Hide your kids, hide your family / Who’s snitchin’? / Mind your business”.)

“You see these shoes yea they Chanel/ My tee Saint Laurent/ You know you getting money when your tees cost more than $500/ Look at me they cant stunt (fuck with us)/ It’s me Lil Loaf/ Project kid, still to shoot the dice for some hundreds,” she raps.

Dej is working on her debut album but until then listen to “Birdcall 1.5 below.” Tell us what you think, hit or miss?