Chicken Soup for the Doodling Soul: Check out ‘Gangster Doodles’

Gangster Doodles
Photo Cred: Gangsta Doodles

Yes, it’s a thing.

Marlon Sassy a.k.a Gangster Doodles is releasing his latest hardcover book of, well, “doodles.” The self-titled project contains 336 pages and will highlight “gangster rappers, hip-hop high-life, and… our dubious pop culture history.” Sassy gained recognition after his viral illustrations of artists like SolangeFrank Ocean, and Childish Gambino on 3×3 Post-It notes.

Shia Labeouf, who’s been maintaining a pretty low profile since his arrest in Savannah, Georgia, makes an appearance on the hip-hop inspired art book. Sassy snagged Shia for the book’s intro while Jeff Jank, who is the art and web director for Stones Throw Records, penned the foreword. Gangster Doodles will be available on August 4, but pre-order a copy now for $50 here. Make sure you check out his Instagram while you’re at it.

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