Bryson Tiller Reveals ‘True to Self’ Tracklist

Where you at? On the way.

Ahead of Bryson Tiller’s sophomore release, the singer took to Instagram to share his tracklist for the upcoming True to Self.

Set to hit the shelves June 23rd, the project houses 19 tracks and it looks like “Somethin Tells Me” is the only one of the three records recently dropped to make the cut.

If you remember, his 2015 debut T R A P S O U L went platinum without features and True to Self may be following suit unless he chooses to surprise listeners later this June. However, Tiller has no qualms taking on the project in full by himself. “If someone’s not going to rap on my song, I’ll rap it myself,” he shared in an interview with Paper Magazine. “If they won’t sing on my song, I just sing on it myself.” So for now, Pen Griffey is holding steady to his vibes only and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — right?

The track sequencing is also something to mention as he seems to break up the songs into groups of 3-5. This may speak to his fondness of bouncing back and forth between R&B waves to Hip-Hop Vibes, but only time to tell.

I must admit, “Somethin Tells Me” didn’t readily catchy my attention but now I can’t get enough, which still begs the question, is B. Tiller back & better? I’m excited to find out.

Check out the tracklist for True To Self below.

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