Bryson Tiller Readies Sophomore Album Release with Three New Songs

Bryson Tiller is back, but is he better?

B. Tiller dropped three new tracks ahead of the release of his sophomore album True to Self.

I enjoyed Pen Griffrey way before the fame brought him a platinum record — rocking with him from SoundCloud when “Don’t” reigned supreme on my Saturday playlist. T R A P S O U L housed several other tracks that held the same appeal like “Exchange,” “Been that way” and “Let ’em know” but will his sophomore album bring the heat his fans expect?

Dropping three songs at random yesterday: “Honey,” “Something Tells Me” and “Get Mine,” that answer is yet to be determined. The first track sees B. Tiller adding a modern-day twist while serenading the apple of his eye.

“I hit ‘cha phone up like when you tryna get this sex from me/You know I don’t mean no disrespect, honey/Ain’t no gas, you the best, honey/Fine ass, send a pic, had to get a text from me/Loving how that gold sit on your neck, honey/That gold chain that’s on your neck, I love the way you dress/Got a nigga so impressed,” he sings.

The second cut is reminiscent of an throwback R&B groove while “Get Mine” is similar to a rap track assisted by that of Young Thug. Although set to appear on his album, all three of the tracks did not live up to the hype and I can’t say that I’ll have any on repeat, at least for the moment.

True to Self is scheduled to drop June 23 and hopefully Tiller is saving his best for last. You can pre-order the project now here. Completing the project a month ago, Tiller took to Twitter to announce the news. “Sophomore album complete,” he shared. “i always feel like i got a lot more to say whenever i’m ‘done’ but i’ll save it for the next one i guess.”

Check out the three tracks and let us know what you think.