Bryson Tiller Confirms Sophomore Album ‘True To Self’ is on the Way

Occasionally, my roommate and I pose as pseudo A&R’s and peruse Soundcloud with hopes of finding our household’s next biggest hit.

It was then, she told me about Bryson Tiller. (People who put you on to new music are important, btw.) Our biweekly jam session gave way to our daily anthem, which would soon hit the airwaves in a major way. Tiller’s break out track “Don’t” became an automatic hit in our Bedstuy abode. Two years and a platinum album later, the Louisville star has confirmed his sophomore project, True To Self is complete.

@ro.lexx behind the scenes

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Although barely releasing any solo material since his debut, Tiller has maintained massive buzz following his viral success. Modestly coming in at No. 11 with 22,000 units sold, T R A P S O U L reached certified platinum status 6 months in. Which begs the question, will his second project follow suit?

After sharing the title of the forthcoming album earlier this year, Tiller took to twitter to confirm his sophomore album is on the way. “Sophomore album complete,” he tweeted. “i always feel like i got a lot more to say whenever i’m ‘done’ but i’ll save it for the next one i guess.”

With no confirmed release date, this announcement comes 18 months after T R A P S O U L’s release. Stay tuned for more details and revisit his one-off track released in late 2016, “Let Me Explain” below.