Big Sean Meets Super Mario in Latest Visual for “Jump Out the Window”

Not all heros wear capes.

Big Sean took it back with this one! Before the Sidekick and the iPhone, Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 was life. We spent hours a day running against time and trying to beat our highest score. Big Sean’s newest animated bit for “Jump Out the Window” from his I Decided. album will inspire the little kid in all of us.

Directed by Lawrence Lamont, Sean is reincarnated into Super Mario on a mission to find his girl. In the beginning of the clip, the Detroit MC finds out his lady love has been taken into another dimension. In an effort to find her, he must join her in a Super Nintendo-like universe.

“Remember when you used to come through and hit the Mario Kart/ And you always picked the princess/ I realized you was princess way back then/ We the best thing that never happened,” he raps.

Sean goes through a number of obstacles to find the girl who holds his heart. Kidnapped by a Bower-like character, Sean races go-karts and shoots underwater before saving the princess and scoring 100 bonus points. Nostalgia at its best.

A follow up to the controversial Jeremih-assisted “Light,” get into the Game Boy remake below.