‘Beauty & The Beast’ Wishes It Was This Lit! Get Into ‘Belle & Boujee’

The live-action version of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast hits theaters this Friday, but we’ve already uncovered a pretty epic version for you.

The good folks over at Nerdist have dropped an amazing parody that mixes Beauty and the Beast with Migos’ “Bad & Boujee.” Seriously y’all, it’s as dope as it sounds so, “Pay your respects and say your Bonjours!”

Directed by Andrew Browser, we meet Belle (Natasha Ward) whose been chillin’ with a clock and a teapot. This girl with the magic mirror is a more up-to-date Disney princess, one that we’d love to see on the big screen soon. Belle is balancing her books, hanging with her girls, and curving Gaston anytime he tries to approach her. She can’t be bothered with his foolishness because she’s too busy with her baguettes and her talking silverware.

Unfortunately, we don’t see the Beast in this video, but according to Belle, he’s savage and ruthless. Chip, the teacup also has some bars which add to the enchantment of this hip-hop/ Disney mashup.

Peep the iconic video for yourself here. 

The forthcoming Beauty and the Beast has already broken records with pre-sale tickets. Though it doesn’t have as many brown faces as we would have hoped, the stunning Gugu Mabatha-Raw stars as Plumette, the sultry feather duster.

We’re definitely going to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend, but we’d be even more hype to see a live-action Princess and the Frog. If Disney does have it in the works, they need to call up Andrew Browser and Natasha Ward to direct and act in it. We’ve put Migos’ original video below so you can compare both.