Aminé and Kehlani Got Us Catching the “Heebiejeebies”

Amine and Kehlani team up for "Heebiejeebies" duet

Organic link-ups are the best, as if fate almost plays a role in the union.

Aminé and Kehlani have a similar story in regards to their latest single “Heebiejeebies.”

“Me and Kehlani were just talking because she was a fan and I was a fan of her, and she invited me to the studio for the first time,” Aminé said during an interview with Genius. “She had a studio session and I was in L.A. I walked in because I thought we were just meeting, you know just to have lunch or something. They were just like, ‘Do you wanna make a song?’ They played me that beat, and I started writing to it, and then [Kehlani] was in the room so she just jumped on it, and then it kinda just happened really naturally.”

After going double platinum with “Caroline” and teaming up with Missy Elliott for his “REDMERCEDES” remix, the Baelani-assisted track is a smooth cadence suitable for cruising.

“I got the baddest bitch / Shorty keeps hollering at me / Told her I’m a young OG / From the West and I’m reppin’ up the 503.” Aminé brags. “I ain’t no average bitch,” Kehlani soon follows. “Baby, come swing my way / I’ma put you on this game / Get it all gas, no breaks.”

Tune into the track above and look out for Aminé performing live at Soundset, Bonnaroo, Mo Pop, and Lollapalooza, in the coming months.

Photo Credit: Republic Records