5 Things: Mateo

The budding pop star talks getting tatted up, street art and eavesdropping on New York City subways.

1. Beatles’ Juice

“On the Keyshia Cole tour they had a tattoo artist come on set and I got a tattoo of the Beatles’ famous Abbey Road image,” he shares. “I’m a big Beatles fan. They’re just huge. When you watch television you see the old footage of women passing out over them. You can’t help but admire that.”

2. L.A. Gear

“Last year, these girls came to a show I did in Los Angeles head to toe in Mateo gear that they made,” the singer says.  “It had all my songs on it. I thought it was really dope that they put all that work into it. They went and screenprinted it. They designed it. They had shoes and everything.”

3. Nosey Neighbor

“New York is the best city in the world. It has a vibe, especially for a musician. There’s so much inspiration,” the Ohio native shares. “Here, you’re on the subway. So even if you’re not talking to someone, you can hear their stories and feel their energy.”

4. In Tune With Your Purpose

“It used to be my goal to make the best love song ever made,” says the song writer. “Now my goal is to make the best life songs. I want to make music that will help you get through whatever you’re experiencing. Life isn’t always sunny days.”

5. Off Duty

“I just like to kick it when I’m not in the studio,” the 28-year-old shares. “I’m really into street art stuff. I like going to the Lower East Side and Meatpacking District. I feel like art and music merge together, and creates an energy.”

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