21 Savage Offers Advice to Young Rappers in Trouble With the Law

21 Savage Offers Advice to Young Rappers Facing Jail Time
Rapper 21 Savage attends the Red Carpet at the 2018 Billboards Music Awards at the MGM Grand Arena (Photo credit: amie Lamor Thompson /

In recent months, there’s been an increase in young, popular Black rappers being arrested. While many people have been hinting at a conspiracy by the hip-hop police, “A Lot” emcee 21 Savage feels differently. The I Am> I Was rapper offered advice to young entertainers on the importance of holding themselves accountable.

During a brief chat with TMZ on Monday, 21 said, “The law is the law. You break the law, you gotta deal with the consequences.”

Contrary to skeptics, who believe authorities are intentionally targeting rappers, 21 said, “Rappers just gotta be more safe you know? Some rappers do make bad decision. We got to honor up to our bad decisions and face our trials whatever we go. Our tribulations. We just have to stand up and man up to it.”

Despite encouraging emcees to hold themselves responsible for their bad choices, the rapper said, “It’s some unfair s**t going on, and there’s some s**t that’s fair going on.”

No stranger to legal woes of his own, 21 is currently facing a pending immigration issue that could result in his deportation to the UK.