What Year Is This? Paula Deen & Her Mammy Motif


Yep. Our mouths dropped as well. When will Paula Deen learn?

After a full “I’m sorry, this has been a learning experience for me” sob campaign, the Southern chef makes it clear, and in a blunt visual statement, that she has no actual remorse for the racial comments that took her career as a celebrity chef from a gourmet dish to a dollar-menu treat, fast.

In her latest “how to tarnish and burn your career” impromptu course, a recent advertisement for the Savannah, Georgia restaurant, Lady & Sons, owned by Deen, displays a visual that resembles a mammy-like figure. (*sidebar: release deep breath). S/O to Eater for the sharp eye.

The advertisement shows said figure joyously ringing a dinner bell.  For those drawing a blank, and as the article indicates: Dinner bells were used during the days of slavery by caretakers – referred to as mammies- to alert the children that dinner was ready.

But get this, the offensive advertisement in this case is to notify customers of the restaurant’s new hours.

Guess that talk with Steve Harvey did nothing and further dismisses any apology Deen ever gave and possibly those who may have felt she was sincere and forgave her.

Another slap in the face. Way to go, Paula.

Your turn: Does this ad invoke the image of a mammy?