Would You Buy these $350 Sophia Webster Slippers?

Looks very familiar… 👀

In our daily shopping cart ‘wish list’ game, we came across these $350 Sophia Webster “slippers.”  Hmmm, these embellished mesh slippers look oddly nostalgic. Would you buy them?

Lilico leather-trimmed embellished mesh slippers $350 via

A classic hood staple

In a staple hood classic, the Sophia Webster’s S/S 2017 collection re-created a shoe that just about everyone in their auntie owns. Did they nail it or what? The designer’s inspo was “birds of paradise” and “the vibrant colors of the 60s” but we think she left out the hood.

Long live chancletas!

The slippers are made in Italy and the embellishments are hand – cut, which could explain  atlas 30% of the price. However, $350 for some chancletas, bye boo. 

This trendy shoe from the 2000s is making a comeback!

Women’s Black Chinese Mesh Slippers $14.99 via